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Things to consider when doing guaranteed rent.

Updated: May 13

With Aston Pearl, landlords can be sure of meeting their obligations and enjoying the financial stability that comes with a rent-to-rent arrangement. Learn more about the regulations and what measures you can take to protect yourself as a landlord. Guaranteed Rent also known as Rent to Rent can help assure landlords peace of mind.

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Ongoing legal liability

The landlord may still be responsible for any legal liabilities, despite handing over the responsibility of compliance to a third party. If the property turns out to be an unlicensed HMO, it may be overcrowded. Additionally, there may be fire or gas safety issues. The landlord may still be held accountable in these cases.

If the property becomes an unlicensed HMO, becomes overcrowded, and isn’t fire or gas safe then the landlord can still be fined by the local authority. When signing a lease with Aston Pearl we agree to the terms of occupation be it HMO or single occupancy (rented out to one family or person). So your property is properly managed within the parameters of the law. With ongoing changes in tenancy law Aston pearl is constantly reviewing these to ensure we are currently in our property management process.

What to Look Out For in Rent-to-Rent Contracts: Ensuring Your Landlord Obligations Are Met.

Landlords and rent-to-rent operators must be savvy when entering into agreements, ensuring they are using the correct type of contract for their situation. To ensure that a subletting arrangement is properly established between both parties, it's important to use a commercial lease document.

Estate agents and property management companies can be vulnerable to legal risks if they incorrectly enter into an AST with a landlord instead of establishing the necessary conditions for their commercial arrangement. If this happens, it's essential that landlords are aware of crucial clauses they may have missed due to the narrow scope of tenancy agreements. Protecting both parties from potential liabilities down the line.

Entering into a lease should always be taken seriously. Make sure you understand your obligations fully before making this important commitment! Before signing, take time to carefully read the agreement and keep an eye out for key points.

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  • Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs

  • Who is responsible for arranging the relevant compliance documentation such as gas and electric certificates and who keeps them up to date?

  • The length of the terms of the agreement - How long is the contract for?

  • The rental amount that is guaranteed

  • The terms of renewal or termination of the guaranteed lease agreement

Protect your investment and ensure a secure private rent-to-rent arrangement with the help of an experienced professional. Aston Pearl offers legal contracts drawn up by property underwriters to guarantee that landlords remain safeguarded according to relevant laws. Ensure peace of mind – consult a qualified expert today!

Invalidating the terms of your mortgage, lease, or insurance policy.

When considering an agent to let your property, it is important to check the conditions of any related mortgage policies. Additionally, it is important to check the conditions of any related insurance.

These agreements may affect what type of tenancy a landlord can offer their tenants; for example, some lenders only allow assured shorthold tenancies with specific minimum or maximum lease lengths.

Aston Pearl's rent-to-rent arrangements are designed to minimize the typical risks associated with landlord insurance. This means that, in case of property damage by our tenants, we will handle repairs as part of our commitment. So you can rest assured knowing your investments remain safe and secure!

Hence it is always important to inform your insurers you require a landlord's rent guarantee insurance. It is important to tell them what you intend to do. To ensure your investment property is covered correctly and adequately.

Honouring and paying agreed rental amounts by companies/estate agents

As the rental market continues to be plagued by uncertainty, landlords are struggling to find reliable solutions that will ensure they maintain control of their property and receive the rent owed. Luckily, Aston Pearl provides a secure tenancy solution that guarantees both parties involved in a rent agreement are protected. With expertise and experience within the lettings sector, Aston Pearl offers a safe and secure option for landlords who need reliable rental income without taking on undue risk.

How Aston Pearl Works

Aston Pearl works closely with local councils. This ensures our rent payments are always guaranteed. You can rest assured that we never default on our rent payments. We understand how important it is for landlords to maintain control over their property, which is why we have an effective business plan for recouping rent should tenants default.

Our system ensures that landlords have the best possible protection against tenant default. Additionally, it provides landlords financial security knowing their rental income is guaranteed each month. Additionally, we provide expert advice and assistance from experienced professionals throughout the process so you can benefit from our knowledge of the lettings market. Ensuring the rent we agree with you is the rent you will receive. Never over-promising an underpaying our landlords.

The Benefits of Working with Aston Pearl

When you choose Aston Pearl as your rental partner in Croydon or South London, you get more than just peace of mind.

Landlords also get access to a wide range of benefits including:

  • Free up your time and involvement in day to day running of property management. Rent-to-rent arrangements are an increasingly popular alternative for landlords looking for a hassle-free and low-involvement option in the lettings process.

  • Flexible contracts – our flexible contracts offer greater flexibility when it comes to setting terms and conditions;

  • Professional assistance – our team of experienced professionals provide advice and assistance throughout the entire process;

  • Free arrears management – we take care of all arrears management free of charge so you don’t have to worry about chasing tenants paying rent- all while getting paid as usual.

  • Guaranteed rent payments – most importantly, we guarantee your rental income each month so you can always count on receiving your money when it’s due.

  • You will maintain possession of your property at all times. We will ensure your property is handed back to you in a timely manner once notice is given.

  • Legal expenses - if there are rental issues with tenants. And if a tenant refuses to move out and needs to be evicted or continues to not pay rent Aston Pearl will cover the legal expenses to get the tenant removed.

  • General Tenant issues or property issues - Aston Pearl will manage most of these issues for you and with you.


Given today's uncertain climate, it has become increasingly difficult for landlords to find reliable solutions that will ensure they receive their rent on time and without issue. Fortunately, Aston Pearl provides a secure tenancy solution that guarantees both parties involved in a rent agreement are protected while offering all the necessary benefits needed for successful renting. With expertise and experience within the lettings sector, Aston Pearl offers peace of mind. We offer the best possible protection against tenant default while also securing financial stability through guaranteed monthly income.

So if you’re looking for a safe and secure option for renting out your property in today’s ever-changing landscape, look no further than Aston Pearl!

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