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Rental property can be passive income - how to reduce the hassle.

Updated: May 13, 2023

Long-term investment in UK real estate has become a trend. Buy-to-let is one of the most appealing sources of secondary income. Letting estates harbour the potential to make you money as you sleep.

Types of real estate for Investment

  • Flipping or wholesaling.

  • Single-family rental home

  • Shared rental homes.

  • Commercial property 

A fringe benefit of real estate leasing as passive income is that you might retire early. You will be guaranteed rental and enjoy a consistent flow of yield. Finally, you will have an empty timetable for hobbies and side projects!

Or at least this was your motivation when you first pursued this lucrative stream of income...

Many landlords face a reality, where it has become a full-time job instead of an inert source of takings. There are responsibilities involved with being a landlord, that often go unnoticed and that keep them extremely busy.

Landlords’ responsibilities for their rental properties

  • Overseeing property repairs and maintenance

A routine checklist in this regard might include the following: 1) Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

2) Secure windows and doors

3) Heating and cooling system

4) Water heater

5) Leaks and water damage

6) Clean gutters

7) Tree pruning and clearing debris 8) Insect and rodent problems 9) Maintain common areas 10) Trash receptacles

  • Mortgage and utility payments

These are obvious responsibilities but worth mentioning. Ensuring the mortgage and utilities are paid on time, avoid incurring additional fees with the lender.

  • Insurance Maintenance

The landlord will need to provide proof of insurance to the lender. However, in addition to this, it is always advised to have renter's insurance as well.

  • Legal responsibilities

This would include tenancy agreements, occupation certificates etc.

  • Tenant screening

Tenant screening is a vital task in procuring 'good' tenants. It can be quite exhausting sifting through applications and investigating potential occupants.

  • Admin and bookkeeping

It probably will not be necessary for an office to run your land-lording business from. You will have admin and bookkeeping to see to, invoicing, statements, emails and so forth. In conclusion, landlords can quickly become caught up in a new job, instead of retirement. The rental property business is uncertain and demanding, especially considering the recent Brexit and Covid19 effects. Regardless, the passive income idea through rentals can be very profitable given a little bit of research and initiative.

Using real estate to gain financial freedom is attainable given the tenants keep paying their rent. Make use of rental management companies for residential property and commercial property. They are professionals with experience and will greatly assist in regaining your dream of earning passive income.

  • Keep your emotions separate from the business of letting. To manage your property effectively and objectively you will have to separate the business needs from emotional needs. An example of such a circumstance would be if a tenant is late with rent. Addressing the matter will be much easier if there is a strict business policy in place.

  • Remember, unless you have purchased your property in cash, it will not be instant money. If you have taken out a mortgage, it will be wise to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible.

  • Guaranteed rent schemes are revolutionary. Landlords, London guaranteed rent schemes allow you to use a property manager at no cost. Ensuring peace of mind, a rental guarantee, every single month. Your schedule will be open to hobbies and side projects again.

  • Avoid renting your property out to family and friends. Evicting a stranger might just be easier if necessary.

  • Take photographs before handing over the keys and take photos when tenants leave too.

  • When showing the space to potential tenants, stage the space with a few home items.

  • Be aware of tenants with pets. Pets can easily damage floors and screens or leave an aroma that cannot be removed.

How is it possible to have guaranteed income through rental?

Your real estate agent becomes your professional tenant. Your rental contract is never with the property occupant. Regardless of whether you have a tenant in the property or not, you are assured of a rental income every single month.

They do not claim setup fees or commissions. You get the rent you want, every month, constant predictable cash flow, and no strings attached.

Along with this certainty comes protection from any legal costs which may arise. Gas and electrical maintenance, fire and safety regulations, and energy performance certificates. All of this will be taken care of before new tenants move in. Damage costs are covered too, for an amount equal to six weeks' rent.

With a vision to ensure landlords in Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark, and Richmond maximised property income and reduced hassle. Aston Pearl Real Estate is a leading Croydon property management company located at 74 Southbridge Road, Croydon, CR0 1AE.

Contact us for unique professional guidance with portfolio building in mind.

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