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A Landlord's Guide to Pets in Rental Properties.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Following the Fairer Private Rented Sector white paper published on the 16th of June, it seems it will now be easier for Croydon and South London tenants to share their homes with their much-loved pets once it has been introduced in the 2022-23 parliamentary session.

Pet Jack Russell sitting on boxes while moving house

All tenants will have the right to request to keep a pet in their home, which the landlord must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse. The blanket bans on pets will be outlawed concerning rental accommodation with changes to the model tenancy agreement by the government.

The proposed dogs and domestic animals' accommodation protection bill is designed to help responsible pet owners find suitable rental properties and renting easier for tenants with animals. Because there is such a small portion of pet-friendly rentals in South London, pet owners regularly struggle to find accommodation, or resort to giving up their pets which goes against the decent homes standard.

We have put together a landlord guide on how London landlords and London tenants will be affected by this change. Looking into the future the less risky alternative will be fixed-term, guaranteed rental schemes with trusted estate agents. This type of tenancy alleviates the ever-increasing complexity of property management and landlords will have a rent guarantee, regardless of the tenant situations that arise.

Landlord Advice on Pets in the home.

Are tenants allowed to keep pets?

Yes, a Croydon landlord or South London landlord would need a very good reason to refuse someone renting with a pet. An example of a good reason where a landlord can refuse pets would possibly be:

  • Living in the rental accommodation puts the animal at risk

  • The animal is a danger to other people

  • The animal is a nuisance

Can Landlords increase deposits for tenants with pets?

No landlords may not discriminate and increase deposit schemes for tenants with pets. The new rule will not allow tenancy deposits to be increased to mitigate the risks of damages, because of the 5-week deposit cap that is now in place.

Can a landlord increase the rental amount because of the new pet laws?

No, the landlord cannot increase the rent based on whether tenants have pets or not. Landlords have to stick with the agreed rental rate regardless of whether pets are at the property or not. Only once the tenants move out can the rent be increased.

Can landlords evict tenants because they have a pet?

The answer is simple - No, landlords may not evict tenants because they have a pet.

More details on this can be found here - the New standard Tenancy Agreement.

What can landlords do for peace of mind when it comes to tenants and their pet ownership when renting?

The rent rules are being put in place to protect the tenant, but rules are also being put in place to protect the landlord. With domestic animals and tenants, the proprietor will be able to request pet insurance for the duration of their lease agreement from the tenants, to cover the cost of any damages that may be incurred.

General laws about pets in London will still apply:

  • No person will keep more than two animals in a dwelling unit or premises regardless of ownership.

  • Guard dogs are not allowed on any premises unless their handler is present, or they are unable to wander about the premises. A warning sign must be displayed on the property if it has a guard dog.

  • Certain dog breeds are prohibited.

Generally speaking, one month's notice is required to be issued to tenants if they break the rules.

Landlords have to allow tenants the right to rectify a breach.

Common concerns among landlords in Croydon who refuse pets in rented accommodation

About 78% of renters struggle to find accommodation that allows pets. With the increasing number of people having to rent until well into their 30s, there is a drastic need for relaxation of laws around keeping domestic animals in England's suburban areas such as Surrey and Purley.

  • Property Damage

Destructive pets have been the main culprit to landlords banning pets in years gone by. Usually, because they are untrained or they are left alone on the property for most of the day

Pet Jack Russell lying on dirty carpet

  • Infestations

With animals come fleas and mites (sometimes), irresponsible pet owners can leave these just long enough to escalate out of control.

Bulldog scratching fleas

  • Noise - Regular issues from surrounding neighbours in the UK are related to excessive barking.

Barking dog

The renters’ reform bill is made to change renting for good. The new pet-friendly rent review clause is just one part of the government's shake-up of the private rented sector. Tenants will benefit greatly from these changes, but landlords might be left with more headaches than they signed up for.

Landlords in London Boroughs will be venturing into new, more fruitful ways of operating.

Aston Pearl Real Estate offers a guaranteed rental agreement to landlords.

This means, that whether a landlord's properties are occupied, or not the property owner will still receive their monthly rental and hence maximise their investment return. If the tenant's pets damage the property it is Aston Pearl's responsibility to return the property to you in the same condition it was let out at. So no risk to the Landlord if the tenants' pets damage the property.

Hence guaranteed rental option dramatically decreases the risk that the landlord will have to carry. Ensuring both parties receive fair rental while relieving the management burdens from landowners.

London & Surrey Landlords

Let us take the headache of rentals away from you. We will guarantee you a rental income from day one, regardless of tenants or not. No voids - just regular monthly rental income into your bank account and no commission fees. We guarantee the condition the property is in on hand over is the condition you will get the property back in.

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