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How to invest in real estate in the UK

For those investors looking to invest in a relatively stable and robust housing market, the UK housing market continues to be a solid option. Brick and mortar investment is a great way of generating income and potentially changing career.

The prospect of investing your hard-earned money, can be daunting, especially those who are relatively new to it, but more so after the event of 2020. Before we continue, you might be asking: Is it a good time to buy in the current world state i.e., Covid 19? We would like to reassure and embolden you that although the Covid-19 hangover will be felt throughout 2021 and beyond the general outlook is positive.

There are no inopportune moments when it comes to property purchase, merely a bad time sell. The Coronavirus pandemic will pass. Regardless of whether there is an industrial revolution or killer virus on the loose, property will always stay a commodity. This is the current relevant situation.

  • There are still many real estate investors in the market.

  • Buyer demand for rentals is running ahead of real estate market supply.

  • The economy is forecast to grow by 5.3%

  • Covid vaccines are being rolled out.

  • Brexit is unlikely to have much short-term impact on the housing market.

  • Mortgage interest rates are set to remain low, and banks are still keen to lend.

  • The stamp duty holiday will continue to motivate buyers.

  • Foreigners are likely to return to the market in significant numbers.

  • Property prices in greater London is forecast to drop by 2% by the end of the year.

Within the constraints of the current world situation, let us expand. Investment in UK property can either be made directly or indirectly, for the sake of this article we will look at direct property investment:

1) Buy-to-let property (rent out) 2) Buy-to-sell property (flipping) How to find a beneficial property investment in London

As we move along, we will be focusing the buy-to-let market.

  • When you are looking at a buy to let property investment, off-plan property purchase is a pro-tip. Investing in off-plan properties is a lucrative property investment opportunity. Find a property with a below value market price, and since off-plan properties tend to offer discounted rates, they are a great choice. You will be paying lower amounts for your investment property, heightened capital growth, larger rental property yield and eventually a greater return on investment.

  • If your organized, committed and know the process bag a bargain by being vigilant at property auctions.

 Real Estate investing can be extremely profitable over the long term if carefully executed. Roughly calculating your return on investment (roi) could help you in making your decision. Some points to consider and research before finalizing your real estate investment in London.

  • Property market prices.

Make sure to carefully research property market prices for your chosen area.

  • Classification of property.

Most UK properties have their nature defined by local authorities. Types of real estate or monitored in this way to ensure plans for that specific area are realized, which helps with town planning and development.

4 Excellent areas in London to buy and renovate property to lease in 2021? Looking out for the best opportunity to snap up a lucrative rental property, make a solid return on it and ultimately provide a comfortable space for your tenants to occupy is the name of the game.

We share some viable options that would help you tick those boxes and where we can assist with guaranteed rent once you have purchased your property.

A thriving central London borough that has a strong regional, national, and even international profile. The people, location, character, and assets make Lambeth a great place to invest.

  • Wandsworth

Inner London's biggest borough, it has the second highest amount of privately rented in London borough, it also has the second highest number of fulltime employed residence according to the Feature of London website. Affordable, safe, well connected transport, desirable greenspace and promising for young professionals.

  • Croydon

A once quiet market Surrey market town has greatly expanded with excellent transport links. Croydon is an Opportunity area under the London plan and has been designated as a growth zone.

  • Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark forms part of inner London connected by bridges across the River Thames to the City of London. It is currently home to three Opportunity areas, which are areas with capacity for significant economic development.

- Rental income from day one regardless of tenants or not.

- No voids - only regular monthly rental income into your bank account

- No commission fees.

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